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2007.1 Tour : the ongoing work

[EN] I managed to complete most of the big stuffs 🙂

  1. Improve MandrivaTools screenshots ( done by Adam )
  2. Add a section about XFCE 4.4 and provide screenshots
  3. Screenshots of the different kicker system menu icons
  4. Illustrate each Ia Ora theme, but by using 4 different desktops : kde, gnome, xfce, Icewm or WindowMaker
  5. Add screenshot of compiz+kde window decorator under KDE using Ia Ora decoration, and compiz+gtk-window-decorator under Gnome using Ia Ora decoration
  6. KDE4 ( and eventually Nepomuk ) screenshots if KDE4 packages are fixed in time
  7. 2.2 screenshots under gnome

For the point 4, I don’t if i will use different WM to illustrate this. Indeed I noticed that XFCE for example was not using Spring wallpaper by default.
Concerning point 5, it means I need to activate compiz on my computer ( it will not run under VMware ) or on another one :(.
Point 6 seems to be compromised as kde4 packages are in bad state.
Stay tuned !


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