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About Microsoft and Yahoo and PHP

[EN] As many people know, Microsoft launched an IPO on Yahoo. Microsoft and Live Search is lagging behind Google, so Yahoo may be a way to have more power against Google. There’s also something interesting to know : Yahoo is a big PHP user, and seems to use Linux and Apache for its infrastructures. Zend and Microsoft partnered over a year and a half ago to improve native support for PHP under Windows and IIS, so if Microsoft succeed, are they going to migrate Yahoo infrastructure to Windows+IIS+PHP instead of LAMP ? Please remember also that Microsoft was looking to buy Yahoo already 1 year ago. So everything seems logical … It’s too costly to migrate Yahoo to ASP.Net as this supposed rewriting everything, however at first, moving the stack from Linux+Apache to Windows+IIS seems more feasible.

Update : It seems that Yahoo is using BSD for its servers


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