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Synce and mobile device support in Mandriva

[EN]  This week, one of my colleague gave me his Qtek mobile device under Windows Mobile in order to find a way to synchronized his agenda with his Linux system. I must admit that since the beginning, I always try to avoid dealing with theses kind of issues. However it’s true that I will have to find a way to deal with device synchronization.
The situation under linux is very complex and not very good and/or userfriendly. You have OpenSync, Synce, but it’s hard to know which one is working the best with your device.
However I’m glad to see that Adam Williamson is taking care of the synchronization features under Mandriva. Presently Adam is testing synce ( bug #37874 , bug #37875 ). However there’s a need to test the graphical part ( kontact and evolution support ), and also OpenSync. For people willing to have more information, and see how un-userfriendly the situation is, here are some links :

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