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My week summary

What did I do this week ? This week i decide to test some new Mandirva 2008.1 features with my cooker boxes.

  • Have a look at new Mandriva theme : the default set of wallpapers are great
  • Users faces icons could be improved IMHO and should be made bigger, because they look ugly on my 1280×1024 screen ( cf bug #38604 )
  • Explore the indexthtml and desktop-data-common packages to find corrupted or unused files ( cf bug #38608 and bug #38610 )
  • Have a look at the new hour based Mandriva wallpapers. Whereas interesting on the paper, I couldn’t test it, and there’s seems to have serious usability issues to allow a user to use this feature ( cf bug #38613 and bug #38612 ). On top of that, it seems that since the introduction of this feature, using the standard slideshow support in kdesktop will make it crash ( cf bug #38598 )
  • Noticed a very weird issue under Gnome when trying to create shortcuts for apps on the desktop from the applications menu. If in the desktop file of the application, the icon name contains a dot, then the icon will not appear on the desktop. ( cf bug #38654 )
  • Give a try to draksnapshot
  • Set up VMWare server under one of my Mandriva 2008.0 server


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