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Today web browsing gems and tips

Some posts or web articles I found interesting to read :

  • performance improvements : This page lists all the performance improvements done in releases. Mandriva 2008.1 Spring will shipped 2.4, and as you can see, there’s many improvements done already.
  • 3.0’s new features, an early look : An early look at 3.0 new features by the same author than previously.
  • Customize or remove the splash screen : This article will explain how to disable splashscreen, or how to customise it. Please note that Mandriva is using a customised splashscreen.
  • Writing long documents with : Still on the front, I discover today a very useful article about the usage of masters documents in Masters documents allow to combine in one « master » document several writer documents. This allow differents people to work on the same document, but each of them will be using a different file. This is best achieve if each personn is working on a different chapter, then all the documents could be merged in the « master » document where you will add index, footpages, …
  • Getting my microphone to work : Or how bad is the sound situation under linux 🙁 B

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