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Linux, marketing and success

Today, I read one of the most insightful article of the beginning of this year : Is Linux Really Outgrowing Its Stereotypes? Does It Matter?. Caitlyn Martin is pointed out some interesting facts : whereas Linux have evolved, is cost saving and can provide better features than others O.S, Linux won’t be able to succeed without a communication strategy and success as a Corporate Desktop. I’m 200% agree with her.

  • Point 1 : people « make the assumption that PCs all run Windows and that Macs all run Mac OS X ». Indeed most people don’t know about Linux, and for them PC = Windows. Now people know Mac better but thanks to a great marketing campaign ( everybody remember the songs of the ads, through iPod Apple manage to promote the Mac ). I can hear more and more people talking about buying a Mac, even people knowing nothing about computers. You know sometimes the big stickers you can see on some products ? « See at the TV ! ». With just this, people feel more confident to buy a product. Now someone may told me about the fact that we have Linux ads in IT magazine. But what ? We are only talking to some people, the one who are eventually aware of IT stuff, but not to the mass. Last but not least, I often noticed than when reading D.S.I or economics newspapers, there were no Linux advertisement. However I can see some Microsoft advertisement. Even on the TV I can see Microsoft advertisements. How come a company, with a so strong monopoly, and for which the Operating System is sold by default with PC, is still spending money on TV or magazine ad ?!
  • Point 2 : cost saving arguments are not enough. For most people, they are not buying Windows, so for them there’s no cost saving. Concerning Office, most of the time they have a mix of Word + Works, or a friend of them will just give them an Office copy. In a social association, they were using 1. At one time I came to clean the PC from viruses, and I upgrade to 2.x Then a new director come. At the beginning he seems to be very comprehensive and was listening to my advices concerning security on the computer. One day when they have a issue, i come again to repair the Windows system. On top of that, some users were reporting problems opening some of their documents. You can imagine my surprise when I saw that had been removed, and Microsoft Office install instead. I asked the director about this, and he just told me : I’ve installed Office to have less problems. Nothing more, nothing less … As Office was not bale to open documents, I installed it and give them instructions to convert their documents to Office formats, and at their next meeting, they decide to remove Can you believed it ? A social association, which normally doesn’t have a lot of money, and even are not exchanging many documents with the outside … Where did he take this Office copy ? I don’t know. However, what I know is the fact that it was reluctant to buy a good antivirus/firewall software ( about 60

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