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Some Cooker news as of 2008-06-08

Ok, here are some quick news from Cooker :

  • Banshee 1.0 is available. This is the banshee-1 package.
  • On users requests, wallpapoz have been packaged. WHat’s interesting with wallpapoz is the fact that you have a large panel of options to configure the wallpaper of the GNOME desktop, notably the ability to define a wallpaper for each virtual desktop 🙂
  • Google Gadgets for Linux have been packaged too
  • SSL support in KDE 3 Kopete version have been fixed in the new QCA package
  • Oxygen theme support for Firefox have been packaged as mozilla-firefox-theme-oxygen
  • Latests xservers snapshots are upload in Cooker by Paulo Andrade. Indeed, for people doing upstream Xorg dev, they can use the snapshots packagesdone by Paulo, which are extracted directly from git. For those willing to test them, they should look at the packages ending with -snapshot. Maybe in the future a task-x11-snapshot will be created to ease their installation.
  • KDE 4.0.81 is in Cooker since at least 1 week. Don’t forget to report bugs upstream for features/fixes/crashers, and at Mandriva bugzilla for the others ones, like the packaging or the desktop integration ones. KDE 4.0.4 is available in 2008.1/contrib/backports for 2008.1 users.
  • Firefox 3.0 RC2 is available in main/testing
  • Cooker is now using kernel 2.6.26-rc4-git5 ( kernel-2.6.26-0.rc4.2mnb2 ). Nvidia drivers have been updated to support this new kernel.
  • There will have some changes concerning post-rpm installation shared libraries linking
  • Since May, Mandriva have switched to TCB ( from OpenWall ) to store password instead of the old shadow. Presently, the compatibility mode is used, but users can easily switch to full TCB database and blowfish encryption. In the future, it may be possible to switch from shadow compatibility mode to full TCB mode by using MSEC/draksec.
  • Olivier Blin is on fire and have add many new features and bugfixes to Mandriva network tools, notably concerning 3G connections. Memory optimisation of net_applet have been done, and LXDE support have been added. Look at drakx-net-0.35-1mdv2009.0 changelog for more informations.

That’s all for today 🙂


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