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Love and hate with Asterisk

Since about 1 year, I’m using asterisk in production for a Call Center with 54 SIP phones. All the computers ( workstations and servers ) are running Mandriva Linux. Except my NFS issues, the only issue I have in this call center is … Asterisk 🙁

Indeed many times I experienced regressions with Asterisk. At first it was ChanSpy which was broken … Now it’s MixMonitor which is recording too fast ( bug #42566 ). In others words, since about 1 week, all our recordings are somewhat useless. This is really annoying to see so big regressions in a stable release for a software supposed to be used in critical missions. I do hope that this bug will be fixed shortly. However I will have to find a way, in the future, to be able to revert back to a previous version, or to test the main features before updating to a new version.

Now people will ask why am I using Cooker for my Asterisk server ? It’s because I need to use the latest versions in order to have ChanSpy fixed, and presently there’s no backport version of asterisk.


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