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SVN version of 3 in Cooker

A SVN version of 3 have just been released in Cooker. This version allow to fix at the same time an issue introduced since latest cairo update ( bug #42735 ). 3 brings many new features like : multiple pages view in Writer, prettier notes in the margin, Microsoft Office 2007 file format support, solver in Calc, new theme in Calc with improved selection, native tables in Impress, official support for Mac, performance improvements, PDF import ( not yet implemented ) and much improved icon theme ( Galaxy icon theme ). For furthers informations about theses features, please have a look at OOoninja website : 3.0’s new features, an early look

As usual under mandriva, users have the choice to install whenever icon theme they want ( tango, crystal old KDE3 style, Andromeda/Galaxy, Industrial old Ximian theme ) with the* packages. Each components can be installed separately, and Gnome support is available in

Multiple page view in 3.0 Writer

New selection mode in 3.0 Calc


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