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Introduction to parallel boot under Mandriva

Prcsys is used by Mandriva to do easy and hassle-free LSB-compliant parallel boot. This tool have been developped by Couriousous and is used in the Pinit project. Pinit support several features :

  • LSB dependency tags compatibility
  • Bootsplash/splashy support
  • Maximum 255 steps are supported
  • Stop mode
  • Debug mode
  • Logging facility
  • Lazy requires which means that prcsys is just ordering the services but is not enforcing dependencies
  • Parallel boot

To test prcsys, you just need to install prcsys package and latest initscripts packages. Default support have been add in Mandriva since at least Mandriva 2007.0. Then if your services init scripts are not LSB complicant, you just need to edit them and add the required tags. However most of the main services should have LSB compliant init scripts. Now you just need to reboot your computer, and Mandriva will automatically boot using prcsys.

Note : If for whatever reasons you have issues when booting with Pinit, you can disable it at boot time with the nopinit option

To debug prcsys boot, you can start it from CLI with the –test, and it will allow to see in which order services are going to be started. You need to defined the mode ( S for start mode, K for kill mode ) and the directory where are located the service init scripts ( most of the time /etc/rc5.d or /etc/rc3.d ). For example to test service startup in runlevel 5, you may use the following command :
prcsys –test S /etc/rc5.d/
If you want to do a complete debug report, and ahve everything logged in a debug file named for example /tmp/prcsys.log, you can use the following command :
prcsys –test –debug –logfile /tmp/prcsys.log S /etc/rc5.d/

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