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MIB Live Games 2008.1 released

Marcello Anni announced on Cooker ML the release of the MIB Live Games 2008.1. MIB ( Mandriva Italian Backports ) is a derived distribution of Mandriva Linux done by the Italian Mandriva community.

MIB live Games DVD is a revised version of Mandriva 2008.1 One edition, but it is more bigger (about 2 GB) and contains a lot of the best games availables for the Linux world. We distribute it in 2 different DVDs, that contain different games (MIB Live games DVD1: supertux, freecive, globulation2, supertuxkart, warzone2100, flightgear and many others – MIB Live games DVD2: kdegames4, torcs, wesnoth, opencity, openarena, wormux, gnome-games, nexuiz and so on..). You can play to all of these games in Live mode, and if you prefer, you can install the distro to the hard disk using the « Live install » option.
Announcement on Mandriva Italian backports blog


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