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Tiny HOWTO : removing -debug packages with urpme

If like me you are using Mandriva Cooker, you know that the best way to have useful backtraces at an application crash is to have the debugging symbols. That why you have the ability under Mandriva to install the corresponding -debug packages. To install theses debug packages, you need to activate the corresponding debug media. To see how to add theses medias, please refer to my previous post named Debugging applications crashes with GDB.

Of course, at one time, you may want to remove theses debugging packages to save hard disk space, or to have faster loading applications : this is where urpme come to the rescue. As urpme can remove all packages matching a substring, you just need to pass the debug substring to urpme combined with the -a option, and you will be proposed to removed all your -debug packages as follow :
urpme -a debug

Note : Please be aware of the fact that php-xdebug package will match this substring and thus will be uninstalled too


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