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Help debugging KDE4 for 2009.1 Spring

As you already know, KDE 4.2 beta 1 is available in cooker. KDE developers want to provide a rock solid KDE 4 experience to Mandriva users. For this, all issues ( crashes, missing functionalities, regressions, … ) should be reported on Mandriva Bugzilla. However crash reports are only useful if complete debugging data are provided. For this you need to install the -debug packages. Hare is the procedure for KDE 4 :

  • Add the debug media : In case you don’t add yet the debug media, please use urpmi.addmedia to add the corresponding debug medias for main, and eventually contrib :
    urpmi.addmedia main_debug
    urpmi.addmedia contrib_debug
  • Install the -debug packages for KDE 4 : urpmi kdebase4-debug kdebase4-workspace-debug kdeplasma-addons-debug kdelibs4-debug kdenetwork4-debug kdepim4-debug kdepimlibs4-debug kdemultimedia4-debug amarok-debug digikam-debug qt4-debug
  • Don’t forget to install gdb : urpmi gdb

Now when a KDE4 application will crash, you will be able to provide complete backtraces thanks to the KDE crash handler. If you want to have further informations about the way to create backtraces from GDB or even Valgring, please have a look at the KDE tutorial on : Development/Tutorials/Debugging/How to create useful crash reports

Now eventually, you may end up asking how you can know the names of the debug packages to install. Most fo the time, the -debug package name comes from the scr.rpm used to build this package. For example kopete comes from the kdenetwork4 src.rpm package. So you just have to add -debug at the end of the name. To know the src.rpm used to build a package, you just need to use rpm -qi. For example for kopete, you will use : rpm -qi kopete. This command will show you that kopete comes from the source RPM kdenetwork4-4.1.85-2mdv2009.1.src.rpm.
For further readings, please consult theses previous blog entries :

Happy New Year, and Happy debugging !!!


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