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Code name : 147419

Usability experts tend to say that small details matter. In this case, you will be surprise to know that Mozilla Firefox, one of the most popular open source application, have a big usability issue which exist since … 2002 ! What’s even stranger is the fact that the bug seems to be simple to fixed …

You want to know which bug I’m talking about ? It’s the infamous Printer settings should default to appropiate values for the user. To sum up, this bug concerns the fact that for non-US users, the default page format for printing will be Letter instead of for example A4.
Whereas users may force the setting manually in the printing settings, or in about:config, the page format will be reset back from time to time to Letter. IMHO the situation is even worst since Firefox 3.x as my users begin to notice this issue once they have been migrated to Firefox 3.x. After more than 8 years, it seems that finally someone will step in to fix this bug !

Mozilla bug #147419
Fedora bug #445610
Ubuntu bug #10910
Mandriva bug #45371


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