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Call for screenshots

Dear lazy web, I’m looking for help concerning the Mandriva 2009.1 Spring visual Tour. Indeed, I’m looking for some interesting and meaningful screenshots for some applications. I prefer to ask the community for the applications I’m not using daily. I made the same request on the Cooker ML, but I guess that more people will be reading planetmandriva. So here is the list of the applications for which I want some screenshots or videos :

  • Wine : indeed Wine 1.0 mark a new milestone in the wine development, and latest Wine version have many fixes. On top of that, thanks to Emmanuel Andry, Mandriva wine package now support Pulseaudio.
  • Qt Creator : the Qt Creator package is included in Mandriva cooker. I’m looking for screenshots or video of Qt Creator under Mandriva in action. As I’m not doing c++ coding, I’d rather let concerned people speak for themselves.
  • Sugar desktop : the Sugar desktop is available in Mandriva repositories. So people doing some dev or testing under Sugar, or willing to provide a screenshot are welcomed.
  • draksnaphot : latest draksnapshot release have a restore mode which allow to restore a full system. So people willing to test this functionnalities and who have screenshot of it are welcomed too

As said in the Cooker ML, for all theses screenhosts, usage of default Mandriva theme ( Ia Ora ) and wallpaper is recommended. If some people have tips concerning theses applications, especially for Wine, please let me know : I will try to write them down on the wiki or post an article on my blog. Please provide direct links to your screenshots as I may have to do
some modifications on them ( format, resolution, … ). Here are the links to the original posts in Cooker ML :

  1. [Cooker] [CALL FOR SCREENSHOTS] Wine screenshots for 2009.1 Visual tour.
  2. [CALL FOR SCREENSHOTS] Qt Creator and others screenshots for 2009.1 Visual tour

By the way, i do wonder if someone is planning to package Songbird under Mandriva ? There’s only 5 days left until the version for 2009.1 Spring.

No need to provide KDE or GNOME screenshots, i will take care of them. The same for or Firefox. For XFCE, I guess that the XFCE team will provide some.


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