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Fixing Firefox Bookmarks after a crash

Today my computer crash while Firefox was running. i noticed that with Firefox 3, theses kinds of crash could lead to a half working Firefox with no bookmarks and the inability to restore the backups. Today, finally, i managed to recover Firefox while still being able to recover my bookmark. Here are the steps I did :

  1. Don’t forget to backup Firefox bookmarks before the crash 🙂 Don’t hesitate to consult this previous HOWTO : How to backup Firefox 3 settings under Linux
  2. At first login, after your computer crash, remove the Firefox lock files : rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/lock && rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/.parentlock
  3. Delete Places SQLite files : rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/places.sqlite*
  4. Delete the Firefox cache : rm -fr ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/Cache
  5. Now start Firefox and restore your backup from the bookmark menu : Bookmarks -> Organize bookmarks -> Import and backup


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