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The Linux last crusade is audio cd burning

I couldn’t believe it yesterday, but burning an audio CD under Linux is presently a very difficult and hazardous task … Here is a quick summary of the situation :

  • Brasero : Brasero is starting fine, you can put your audio files in the burning window, preview them. This is stable and there no particular issues here. Now try to burn the audio CD … Brasero will endlessly told you that it is preparing to burn the CD, but even after 1 hour, nothing … No error message, nothing in .xsession-errors or /var/log/messages, nothing in stderr when started from CLI, nothing except a still blank CDR …
  • Eroaster : far far away in the past, i was a eroaster user. Indeed at this time it allowed to burn easily a mp3 CD with the ability to automatically convert mp3 files. At least with eroaster the situation is simple … It will just fail to start ( mdv bug #49200 ) with the following error message when launched from CLI :

    [admin@info1 fivengest]$ eroaster
    /usr/lib/eroaster/ DeprecationWarning: The popen2 module is deprecated. Use the subprocess module.
    from popen2 import popen3
    03/27/09 14:11:42.258 ERROR main [] No module named whrandom
  • XCDroast : the venerable XCDroast ! At least it starts normally, but you need to start it first as root to configure it. Then as a normal user, you will be able to start it. Now the 100000

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