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KDE 4.2.2 is available in Mandriva Cooker

Since the beginning of the week, KDE 4.2.2 founds its way in cooker repositories. People willing to consult the KDE 4.2.2 changelog should have a look at changelog4_2_1to4_2_2.php. The KDE 4.2.2 features noteworthy fixes like better Facebook compatibility, better khtml text rendering and others performances, improved krunner stability and many KMAIL fixes.

It should be noted that the Mandriva KDE version have also some unique features like : usage of Simple Menu applet by default with support for « Recently Used Applications » feature, Separator and right click. But also Codeina support for Dragon Player and Amarok, latest Nepomuk stable snapshot, Solid support for KSCD, classic desktop style ( desktop as folder view ) by default, ability to switch between Simple applet menu and kickoff with just a right click on the menu icon and finally Aya style by default. People will be able to test simply this KDE 4.2.2 release very shortly when the Mandriva 2009 Spring RC2 will be out normally at the end of this week.

Don’t hesitate to report bugs, slowdowns, crashes to Mandriva Bugzilla. BTW, dear lazy web, if someone can provide a new skin for KSCD instead of the ugly one used presently, this would be a big plus. Indeed presently Totem is used to play Audio CD which is not so friendly and consume space on the KDE liveCD. So now that KSCD seems to mostly work, the accent could be put on providing a new skin. This skin should be classic ( not to fancy, or not too many colors ), it could use the Oxygen icons for media playback ( media-*.svg ), and songbird mini player mode could be used as inspiration for the UI.

By the way, while reading the KDE 4.2.1 Release Announcement, I noticed that the system used to take the screenshot was certainly Mandriva as I could recognize the Mandriva network applet icon at the bottom 🙂

KDE release announcement screenshot Mandriva KDE desktop


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