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Compiz is an evil dying hack

Often I said that Compiz was an evil hack as it was replacing the native and
eventually well tested desktop windowmanager with a new code unstested and
unstable. Now Compiz is at an important point of its life, and some decisions
may make it become irrelevant in the future.

After all the hype of the beginning of Compiz, their issue with Beryl fork, and
then their rebirth with Compiz Fusion, people may have think that Compiz future
would have been bright. However as Compiz dev saw that their code was
incorrect and an ugly aggregate of different codes, they decide to rewrite it for
Compiz 0.9.0
. They plan to use C++, improve the plugin system, allow it to
run without any opengl/composite, etc … Theses are sensible move, however
IMHO Compiz lost momentum and will soon became an irrelevant technology.
The reasons ?

  1. 3D compositing support in Kwin : with KDE4, Kwin now support some very
    compositing features and effects
    . With this, KDE users no longer need to
    run Compiz. WIth Kwin they have a stable 3D effects implementation,
    supporting Xrender compositing, and having the ability to detect automatically if
    the system can support compositing and then fall back gracefully in non-
    composited mode.
  2. GNOME 3.0 and future Gnome-shell. It seems that Gnome 3.0 will have a
    new gnome-shell
    where the panel and the window manager will be integrated
    . With this
    Compiz will have a hard time as compiz users may loose some GNOME
    functionnalities like the panel … On top of that Metacity + Clutter ( aka Mutter ) may
    implements their own effects thus making compiz irrelevant for Gnome

So whereas it’s sad for the compiz dev, I’m happy to see tyhat finally in the
end, hacks and workaround like Compiz will come to and end.


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