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KDE 4.3 enters in Mandriva Cooker : targetting Mandriva 2010.0

Now that the Mandriva 2009 Spring have been released, the Mandriva development tree for the next version is now opened. Helio Chissini de Castro, from the Mandriva KDE team, announced a few days ago that KDE 4.3 pre-release version will land in cooker. As of today, a few KDE 4.2.70 packages begin to appears on Mandriva cooker FTP repositories. Some KDE applications are being updated too, for example amarok 2.1 Beta1 just hit the repo. Please note that Qt 4.5.1 have been introduced in the repo too. KDE users are advised to wait a little as many things may break.

Others packages have been updated also, so now cookers users can enjoy : mono 2.4, bash 4.0, webkit 1.1.6, drupal 6.11, packagekit 0.4.6, openvas 2.0.1, kernel-linus, ndiswrapper 1.54, mesa 7.4.1, kdenlive-0.7.3, wine 1.1.20, nexuiz 2.5, firsts versions of btrfs userpace tools. Please note also the introduction of kernel-netbook, a kernel package with optimizations and patches intended for netbook based hardware.

I’ve just noticed than Frederik had already wrote a more detailed post about this 🙂 : Mandriva Cooker (2010.0) opened


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