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Digg it facebook it spread it : Web 2.0 days for Mandriva

Today I spend some time reading the different reviews about Mandriva 2009 Spring. For this I use the excellent website. What can I say ? Most reviews are very positive, this is always a pleasure 🙂 So I decide to ask the Mandriva community to spread how awesome the Mandriva 2009.1 Spring release is. So I’m going to provide the links to the reviews, and then users should spread the news through social networking site :

  • Digg : This one help to promote and give visibility to blogs or websites articles. Don’t hesitate to open account and to « digg it » Mandriva articles. For those willing to add me as a friend, my account is linuxwizard, don’t hesitate to add me as a friend.
  • Reddit : Equivalent to Digg, the site code is Open Source. There’s also a french version. I don’t have an account yet, but don’t hesitate if you have one to spread the articles through reddit.
  • StumbleUpon : Another Digg like site allowing to rate articles.
  • Facebook : no need to present one of the most known social networking site in the world. So don’t hesitate to share on your Facebook’s profile page Mandriva related articles. Don’t hesitate to download the Facebook Toolbar for Firefox to share sites in one-click.
  • Twitter : The famous micro-blogging service. You can share your links on twitter too, but beware of the size limitation of your twitter posts. You may want to use something like TinyURL to shorten the articles URL.
  • : this is the equivalent Open Source equivalent of Twitter. So don’t hesitate to open an account.
  • : Once you have open an account on several social networking site, updating them and feeding them may be a consuming task. allow to update your different social networking sites at once from one place.
  • others popular social networking websites are : Mashable, Hi5

So here is the list of Mandriva 2009.1 Spring reviews :

Happy social networking 🙂


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