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Where is Unix spirit ?

Where is Unix spirit ? Since some years, i had the feeling that the Unix spirit was more and more forgotten.
Today I’ve read an interesting article about a new (mis)feature in Fedora : packages installation by unprivileged users . I must admit that I’ve been shocked when I read this : by default all local users can install packages on the system …
Only packages from signed repositories can be installed, but even with this a signed repository is not equal to a secure and a to-be-blindly-trust repository. Indeed, packages in a repository can have security flaws, or some program may even be used for dangerous actions ( wireshark, ettercap, voipong, … ).

Another shock : the reaction of Richard Hugues ( PackageKit maintainer ) which state I don’t particularly care how UNIX has always worked … Even worst, David Zeuthen is completely fine with this kind of behavior !.
For those who don’t know, David Zeuthen is the lead developer of projects like … ConsoleKit, HAL and PolicyKit … Scary …

Another disturbing fact was the fact that PolicyKit was not respecting the FHS concerning the location of its configuration files ( cf RH bug #538615 ). Indeed PolicyKit put some configurations files in /var/lib instead of /etc or /usr/share … It’s interesting to see that PolicyKit dev don’t consider theses files as configuration files, but to solve the PackageKit issue, you need to … edit theses files …

All of this make me feel bad … I have more and more the feeling that the single user computer is more and more prevalent … and Unix philosophy is somewhat forgotten …

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