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Oh time suspend your flying 2

Some days ago, I talk about the fact that some underlying technologies were changing too fast. I was mostly talking about HAL vs DeviceKit/libudev/… saga. Today I’ve discovered another one : PolicyKit vs polkit. Indeed once upon a time, someone consider that su/sudo/consolhelper mecanisms were not
sufficient. So they introduced a new Policy framework using DBUS and config in some XML files : this was PolicyKit. Most of the time, policyKit comes pre-configured, and so I’m pretty sure that few people know how to use it or customised it. Now it seems that after PolicyKit 0.9, PolicyKit will be replaced by … polkit-1.

I look at the reasons for PolicyKit drop, and franky, whereas I do agree, I still can’t understand why this could not have been avoided before ! Especially
theses ones :

  • make it easier to write backends that reads authorizations from a networked resource (such as a LDAP server)
  • possible to grant authorizations to Unix groups

Sorry, but theses 2 features are for me the most basics ones that you can ask for a policy framework ! Not being able to use Unix group to manage
authorizations, or not providing network based backends is IMHO an error when willing to consider seriously in the enterprise as a workstation environment … Windows does support this since at least … 2000 with the introduction of Active Directory. And even in a Domain Controller, we can do this too with poledit

At least now, we will be able to have the same features than at east Windows NT4 … That’s great !

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