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As a linux sysadmin I do care about

This testimonial comes after reading a blog post from Albert Astals Cid : Consistency. Indeed I do find useless the debate about UI and buttons consistency ( which is different from buttons order issue ). So here are the point for which I do care as a Linux sysadmin with nearly 75 workstations running Linux, 5 notebook running Linux + Windows, and 7 servers running Linux. As a Linux sysadmin, when :

  • /home on NFS support is not optimal ( sqlite usage, akonadi, digikam database, … ) : I do care
  • when applications have regressions ( printing support, lack of complete POSIX ACL support in NFSv4 ) : I do care
  • when applications are slow or slower under Linux than under Windows ( openoffice, PDF printing with okular vs acroread, Kmail 3 vs Kmail 4 ) : I do care
  • when applications crashes ( plasma ) or are buggy ( system-config-printer ) : i do care
  • when french accentuated characters are not correctly handled : i do care
  • when sound is not working correctly ( pulseaudio, pulseaudio support in phonon, mute mixer entry ) : i do care
  • when setting a wireless connection may be buggy ( unstable drivers ) and the connection is unreliable : i do care
  • when using a video-projector ( for presentations/meetings ) is not evident for the users and easy : i do care

So the UI look & feel is somewhat useless. I just want something that look mostly good, is acceptable, with a good usability. Good wallpapers ? most users just put their childrens photo as desktop background, and put a lot of icons on the desktops. Good theme ? most of the time, they don’t care. Consistency ? they don’t care : they just want to be able to distinguish closed and minimize buttons

The only time my users were impressed by something visual was the « present windows » effects of kwin ( left upper corner ) which shows all windows at once as they find it useful.

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