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2ème post sous WordPress

Here is my second post under WordPress. I did the following changes :

  • change the theme from RedBel to Mystique which provides a better layout
  • I manage to add 2 separates pages to show my personal photos, but also my Linux desktop environments screenshots during my lifetime as a Linux user
  • I disabled All in One SEO extension as Mystique already provides SEO features
  • I disabled also Google Ajax Feed Slide Show Widget and replace it by Lazyest Gallery. This one will only show my local screenshots and not my personal photos as slideshow on the left side.
  • I did removed Inline Posts as I will create each time a new page for the HOWTO/FAQ … normally …
  • I add Network Publisher extension. Normally It will allow me to automatically published my blog posts to Facebook. i did also subscribe to as this service will allow me to simultaneously published my posts to Facebook, Twitter and 🙂
  • Oh, by the way, I did subscribe to twitter and You can find me under willsalsa76 surname

In the next days, i’m planning to blog about new features of the Mandriva 2010 Spring, but also show some mockups I’ve done for some Mandriva tools 😀

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