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Pensée du jour : monogamy vs polygamy

I’ve just read a very interesting article concerning monogamy. I did always think that human by nature are not monogamous but religion, society, culture and will power can make a human be monogamous. I do also think that men and women are not feeling the same during a relationship, and that notably men may practice infidelity more easily. In another interesting article, les origines animales de nos pratiques sexuelles ( in french ), they said that in animals societies where males are taller than females, they tend to be polygamous : this theory is developped in sexual dimorphism related studies.

Why a monogamous relationship may fail :

    When the non-monogamous relationship falls apart, everyone blames non-monogamy. When a monogamous relationship falls apart, nobody blames monogamy. I have observed so many relationships that were otherwise decent that could have survived for the long haul if people had just been allowed to be off leash every once in a while – which does not mean anything goes.

    Another part concerning the serial monogamists :

So many of these letters end with, “And I know what I’m talking about because every one of my relationships has been monogamous.” What they’re saying then is they have started and ended and started and ended. They are serial monogamists, that when they get bored and need a little variety, they end a relationship and then move on.

Monogamy vs commitment :

you, every one of your relationships has been monogamous, you’re doing it right? Because we value monogamy over commitment.

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  1. 31/01/2011    

    Hmm, very interesting. I’ll go and read all that. Monogamy is a social taboo that we should think over (even if we end up thinking it’s best).
    I like the « serial monogamist » concept very much 🙂

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