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First days at Orange

French ISP Orange group logo

French ISP Orange group logo

Since Monday July 4th, I’m working as a Linux sysadmin at Orange Hebex. I moved from Rouen to Sophia-Antipolis which is located in the south-west of France in the famous French Riviera. My job as a Linux sysadmin will be to ensure that the Linux servers at Orange are working fine 😉 Orange is the largest ISP in France, and have worldwide coverage. At Orange Hebex ( Hosting & Exploitations ) we are dealing with all the Orange websites and portals. I will be working more specifically on a very specific piece of this infrastructure which allow to aggregate data from different sources/data warehouses. Most servers are running Ubuntu ( some older servers running Debian are being migrated to Ubuntu LTS ) and the specific platform on which I will be working will be running PostgreSQL as database. Deployments are handled by Debian FAI , and the configuration is handled by CFengine as we have more than 3000 servers spread across 3 sites.

Even so in my daily usage at work I will be using Ubuntu ( running in a VM to which I’m connected using NX Client under Windows), I’m still planning to use Mandriva as my only desktop platform for daily use notably on my laptop. I do hope that I will still be able to contribute to the Mandriva community. I guess this will be a good opportunity for me to see why some people do prefer to use Debian/Ubuntu as servers and thus bring the best from them to Mandriva Linux distribution.

Long live to Mandriva, and long live to my former colleagues at Fiventis which are still running Mandriva Linux on all the servers, but also on the workstations ! I do still plan to keep an eye on them 🙂

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  1. 05/07/2011    

    Congrats for your new job, and best of luck with it!

    Cfengine is a strange beast sometimes, but it is probably the best solution for such environments. Of course, together with Linux :).

  2. 06/07/2011    

    Bienvenue dans le Sud 😉

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