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Install Twitter Bootstrap under Mageia using Bower

twitter_bootstrapTwitter Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. It was developped by twitter and being released as open source in 2010.

The best way to install Twitter Bootstrap and allow to manage update is to use a Bower manager :

  • Install Node.js : urpmi nodejs
  • Install git : urpmi git
  • Install bower : npm install -g bower
  • Move to your project directory : cd /var/www/myproject
  • Create a default config for bower to install your stuff under inc : vi .bowerrc


    "directory": "inc/",

    "analytics": false


  • Install Twitter Bootstrap : bower install bootstrap
  • To check your package list and if updates are available you just have to do in your project directory : bower list
  • To update a package : bower update mypackage

And now you’re done 🙂

References :

Bower pour les nuls

Don’t hesitate to browse Bower packages list

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