Ressources documentaires pour Mandriva Linux et les Logiciels Libres

About me

My name is FACORAT Fabrice and I’m a sysadmin, Mandriva contributor since years. I’m a Free Software advocate, but I don’t want to go in sectarism, and so I know others O.S, theirs strengths and theirs weakness.

I’m doing also, on my own, audit, consulting, and formation about Linux, Asterisk and Free Software. I’m also a salsa addict, and I’m dancing salsa since many years. I’m giving also some salsa lessons.

Why this blog about Linux ? Here are some reasons :

  • My preference is going toward Mandriva because I want to have a strong and independent O.S ecosystem in France and Europe.
  • The way Linux is developed is original. I do like the idea of collaboration between several people around the world working together on something. Most of the time their communication medium is Internet.
  • I want to share Linux spirit ( Free Software, Open Source, collaboration, ), but also the Unix philosophy ( everything is text, everything is a file, KISS ) to as many people as possible.


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