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Back from Salon Solutions Linux

[EN]  Ok, so I’m back from the « Salon Solutions Linux » which takes place in Paris at the beginning of this week. It was really a great experience and I had the opportunity to meet some very interesting people 🙂 I take many photos, and they will be shortly available on my photo album. I’m planning also to do a report of the conferences I seen. So keep on.


I’m web 3.0 enabled

[EN]  So now I’m web 3.0 enabled ! Indeed, today i’ve joined Facebook. So what ? Don’t know yet …


News en vrac + r

[FR]  Quelques news en vrac qui permettent d’avoir un

Back from holidays

[EN]  I’m back from my holidays at Praz-sur-Arly. I’m planning to put the photos on my picasa web album soon.
Now I have to think about the different things that I need to do, notably the project of a homepage for the Mandriva Tools. I will have also to book for the « Salon Solutions Linux » at Paris. I wonder if Mandriva is planning a dinner like last year with all the contributors and the dev ?
So, many things to do 🙂 a usual.


Happy New Year 2008

[EN]  Happy new year to everybody and best wishes.
I wish the best to all the Mandriva folks and to the OpenSource world.


Culture Pub revient sur el net


Educatice 2007

[FR]  Je suis tomb

My Daily : what’s up doc ?

[EN]  2007-09-12 :

  • Begin some dev on work extranet
  • Try to setup a planning for my dev tasks
  • Take PCI IDs of one of our Radeon card based notebook for the avivo safe driver list
  • Unsuccessfully try to active secondary output on the radeon based notebook with the avivo driver. The user will have to use Vista for his meeting 🙁
  • Seriously think about the proposal from Oden about maintaining asterisk-core-sounds-fr package. Am I going to become a maintainer ?


Presto project on OpenSolaris


48H en enfer (suite)



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