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Double click vs single click

[EN] Dave Richards on his blog point out something very interesting ( and also very true ) : most users are unable to distinguish between double and single click (at first). Indeed users are supposed to double click in the filemanager or concerning the icons on the desktop, but at the contrary they are supposed to single click for icons in the panel … This is very confusing for them.
Several times I noticed that some users were double-clicking on the panel, and sometimes this may have unexpected effects like blocked applications. Indeed, sometimes, some applications will just no longer start maybe because of a race condition or a dead lock in the startup phase. I saw this for at least and Firefox. Making panel icons using double click by default ( or at least following the global system setting ) is a must IMHO !

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How to screw up Windows in the right way

[EN]  A friend ask me to help him setting up his Linux installation. Mandrake 9.2 was installed on a separate HD.
My first goal was to upgrade to Mandriva 2006.0 as I had the DVD, but the installation was failing to start : DMA access error on the HD … yuck ( what’s amazing is the fact that Lilo was still working … ). So I decide to remove the HD and try to resize the NTFS partition of his second Windows installation to have room for Linux. This was my main mistake !
First It takes very long to resize 115Go down to 110Go. Second I end up with an error at the end, So I decide to reboot ( CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE ). Of course the previous Lilo was broken, but this wasn’t an issue. After having booting on the Windows CD and doing fixmbr in the restoration mode, NTLoader was in all its glory. Unfortunately Windows was no longer bootable and I’m suspecting that I hit the famous 2.6 kernel HD geometry bug ( Mandriva bug #7959 , LWN article ). Indeed none of the 2 windows installation was booting whereas normally I only modify the second hard disk.
None of the tricks works ( switch access mode to LBA, sfdisk usage ), nothing. I tried also things like chkdsk to both disk, fixboot, recreate boot.ini with bootcfg … but no way. I end up doing a restoration/reinstallation of Windows XP and I will need to reinstall each one, because reinstalling only one isn’t sufficient, because even if the first one is booting successfully, the second will still not. After this I will have to clean the mess I will have ( reinstall updates+SP+drivers, Windows registry cleanup, … )
To conclude : Always keep your old Partition Magic floppies if you have one, or use a LiveCD with Parted using a 2.4 kernel …





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