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KDE 4.2.2 is available in Mandriva Cooker

Since the beginning of the week, KDE 4.2.2 founds its way in cooker repositories. People willing to consult the KDE 4.2.2 changelog should have a look at changelog4_2_1to4_2_2.php. The KDE 4.2.2 features noteworthy fixes like better Facebook compatibility, better khtml text rendering and others performances, improved krunner stability and many KMAIL fixes.

It should be noted that the Mandriva KDE version have also some unique features like : usage of Simple Menu applet by default with support for « Recently Used Applications » feature, Separator and right click. But also Codeina support for Dragon Player and Amarok, latest Nepomuk stable snapshot, Solid support for KSCD, classic desktop style ( desktop as folder view ) by default, ability to switch between Simple applet menu and kickoff with just a right click on the menu icon and finally Aya style by default. People will be able to test simply this KDE 4.2.2 release very shortly when the Mandriva 2009 Spring RC2 will be out normally at the end of this week.

Don’t hesitate to report bugs, slowdowns, crashes to Mandriva Bugzilla. BTW, dear lazy web, if someone can provide a new skin for KSCD instead of the ugly one used presently, this would be a big plus. Indeed presently Totem is used to play Audio CD which is not so friendly and consume space on the KDE liveCD. So now that KSCD seems to mostly work, the accent could be put on providing a new skin. This skin should be classic ( not to fancy, or not too many colors ), it could use the Oxygen icons for media playback ( media-*.svg ), and songbird mini player mode could be used as inspiration for the UI.

By the way, while reading the KDE 4.2.1 Release Announcement, I noticed that the system used to take the screenshot was certainly Mandriva as I could recognize the Mandriva network applet icon at the bottom 🙂

KDE release announcement screenshot Mandriva KDE desktop


The Linux last crusade is audio cd burning

I couldn’t believe it yesterday, but burning an audio CD under Linux is presently a very difficult and hazardous task … Here is a quick summary of the situation :

  • Brasero : Brasero is starting fine, you can put your audio files in the burning window, preview them. This is stable and there no particular issues here. Now try to burn the audio CD … Brasero will endlessly told you that it is preparing to burn the CD, but even after 1 hour, nothing … No error message, nothing in .xsession-errors or /var/log/messages, nothing in stderr when started from CLI, nothing except a still blank CDR …
  • Eroaster : far far away in the past, i was a eroaster user. Indeed at this time it allowed to burn easily a mp3 CD with the ability to automatically convert mp3 files. At least with eroaster the situation is simple … It will just fail to start ( mdv bug #49200 ) with the following error message when launched from CLI :

    [admin@info1 fivengest]$ eroaster
    /usr/lib/eroaster/ DeprecationWarning: The popen2 module is deprecated. Use the subprocess module.
    from popen2 import popen3
    03/27/09 14:11:42.258 ERROR main [] No module named whrandom
  • XCDroast : the venerable XCDroast ! At least it starts normally, but you need to start it first as root to configure it. Then as a normal user, you will be able to start it. Now the 100000

Mandriva cooker ML quote of the day

Gustavo De Nardin > rpmctl should die.
Michael Scherer >

[misc@n4 ~] $ rpmctl   -d  -b -s cooker main "spuk think you should die" rpmctl
I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that

Seems it doesn’t want to die by itself.


Fixing Firefox Bookmarks after a crash

Today my computer crash while Firefox was running. i noticed that with Firefox 3, theses kinds of crash could lead to a half working Firefox with no bookmarks and the inability to restore the backups. Today, finally, i managed to recover Firefox while still being able to recover my bookmark. Here are the steps I did :

  1. Don’t forget to backup Firefox bookmarks before the crash 🙂 Don’t hesitate to consult this previous HOWTO : How to backup Firefox 3 settings under Linux
  2. At first login, after your computer crash, remove the Firefox lock files : rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/lock && rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/.parentlock
  3. Delete Places SQLite files : rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/places.sqlite*
  4. Delete the Firefox cache : rm -fr ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/Cache
  5. Now start Firefox and restore your backup from the bookmark menu : Bookmarks -> Organize bookmarks -> Import and backup


Call for screenshots

Dear lazy web, I’m looking for help concerning the Mandriva 2009.1 Spring visual Tour. Indeed, I’m looking for some interesting and meaningful screenshots for some applications. I prefer to ask the community for the applications I’m not using daily. I made the same request on the Cooker ML, but I guess that more people will be reading planetmandriva. So here is the list of the applications for which I want some screenshots or videos :

  • Wine : indeed Wine 1.0 mark a new milestone in the wine development, and latest Wine version have many fixes. On top of that, thanks to Emmanuel Andry, Mandriva wine package now support Pulseaudio.
  • Qt Creator : the Qt Creator package is included in Mandriva cooker. I’m looking for screenshots or video of Qt Creator under Mandriva in action. As I’m not doing c++ coding, I’d rather let concerned people speak for themselves.
  • Sugar desktop : the Sugar desktop is available in Mandriva repositories. So people doing some dev or testing under Sugar, or willing to provide a screenshot are welcomed.
  • draksnaphot : latest draksnapshot release have a restore mode which allow to restore a full system. So people willing to test this functionnalities and who have screenshot of it are welcomed too

As said in the Cooker ML, for all theses screenhosts, usage of default Mandriva theme ( Ia Ora ) and wallpaper is recommended. If some people have tips concerning theses applications, especially for Wine, please let me know : I will try to write them down on the wiki or post an article on my blog. Please provide direct links to your screenshots as I may have to do
some modifications on them ( format, resolution, … ). Here are the links to the original posts in Cooker ML :

  1. [Cooker] [CALL FOR SCREENSHOTS] Wine screenshots for 2009.1 Visual tour.
  2. [CALL FOR SCREENSHOTS] Qt Creator and others screenshots for 2009.1 Visual tour

By the way, i do wonder if someone is planning to package Songbird under Mandriva ? There’s only 5 days left until the version for 2009.1 Spring.

No need to provide KDE or GNOME screenshots, i will take care of them. The same for or Firefox. For XFCE, I guess that the XFCE team will provide some.


Mandriva 2009.1 Spring Visual Tour follow-up

Since tuesday, I add more stuff in the Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring Release Tour. As suggested in the comments, i add XFCE 4.6, Qt Creator, new MSEC, more on packages extensions, Sugar desktop and virtualbox 2.1, more KDE 4 stuff. So dear lazy web, if you have any other idas, don’t hesitate. Presently I’m looking at draksnapshot restore tool, but IMHO this one is very badly designed, and is not in the « easy and personnal backup tool » category …


Mandriva 2009.1 Spring Visual Tour

As advised by Adam, I create a first draft of the Mandriva 2009.1 Spring Visual Tour. I made also some little changes to the Mandriva 2009.1 Spring Releases Notes. I’m waiting for the Rc1 availability before providing screenshots.

However I have difficulties to find all the cool features which have been or will be integrated in the next Mandriva release. So dear lazyweb, if you have proposals ( especially the visual ones ), and especially good quality screenshots ( with Ia Ora theme, Mandriva wallpapers, in english ), please feel free to contact me through the comments, or directly edit the pages.

I have the following ideas :

  • New MSEC. I’m looking for a title which sounds good like : A new and redesigned MSEC framework, the powerful personal security manager.
  • extensions packaged by default in Mandriva : Presenter, wiki publisher, PDF Import, ODF converter
  • Final Speedboot bootcharts or a video with timing
  • GIMP 2.6
  • Qtdevelop

Please feel free to suggests applications which have important new features or completely new design or which are new in the Mandriva repositories.

Note : And yes, I’ve consult the 2009.1 specs, but many things are not done yet, and many are not « visual »


Cooker chef representative vote result

The Cooker chiefs vote end Marc, 3th and the results have been presented to the Cooker ML. People can consult them on the dedicated page on the Mandriva wiki. I postulate for the post, but as lately I’ve been less involved, I wasn’t expecting much from this vote. I’m gladly surprise to see that I end at the 5th place. However as pointed out by Michael Scherer, translators were under-representated. After a long discussion on the ML, and in order to have a mix balance between the different cookers components, I do agree to let my seat to Jure Repinc which is a very active member of the translation team. This way with Per

Tracking Mandriva features and specs progress

Today I take a look at 2009 Spring specifications implementation progress report. It was a very interesting read as the document was .. clearly outdated. Indeed if you read the document and look for the features at 0% of completion, you may feel very bad for the quality of the upcoming 2009.1 Spring release as we are only 2 month away from its release. Fortunately, the situation is not so bad, and many features have more than 0% of completion.

What I found interesting is the fact that this situation show how it can be hard to track the progress ( especially in real-time ) of a project so complex as Mandriva. However not being able to track correctly the progress of the different features implementations may lead to half-finished/working or buggy features, or last minutes features removal. On top of that, as many users point out, there’s a lack of communication from Mandriva dev to the outside : i’m talking specifically to blogging or interview to external media, as it’s very easy to talk to the Mandriva dev on IRC or forum. This may lead to new features being implemented, but being unnoticed, and eventually not tested. I tend to read most changelog entries, and it’s always interesting to see when new stuff are being added and that nobody really know happens. For example who know about … drakdvb ? I noticed this application while reading the changelog of drakxtools-11.91-1mdv2009.1

So first, we need to be able to track more easily the features which are going to be implemented. At least one thing which can be done easily is to help tracking the bugs or the enhancement for a feature. For this, you just need to create a tracking bug for the feature, and then add all the bug related to this feature. This will allow third party people to track pending issues, whereas presently only the dev was eventually able to know this. I did an example for the speedboot feature :

  1. I create a tracking bug ( mdv bug #48198 ).
  2. To ease search, I put [TRACKING] in the title of the bug, and add also the release version. Normally the release should not be needed, but as you can’t select a future version and only cooker, I found that this was the easiest way to differentiate bugs attached to the next release and the ones concerning Cooker ( especially the one for the release n+2 ). This give the following title : [TRACKING 2009.1] Speedboot tracking bug
  3. Then I attached all the bug I thought which were related to speedboot. You will noticed that I don’t add the features enhancement yet.

Some things still need to be done like eventually add the tracking bug number in the spec document, and from time to time, make a summary of the remaining issues on the Cooker ML. Adam and I used to do theses kind of things. I do remember the WRBB ( Weekly Release Blocker Bugs ) back in 2005 ! I do hope that I will have enough time and motivation to do this correctly. Now I just need to create the others tracking bugs.


Testing KDE 4.2 with QT 4.5

Lately there was an ongoing discussion between the KDE and the Qt developers concerning the usage of QT 4.5 with the KDE 4.2 release.
Sebastian K


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