Ressources documentaires pour Mandriva Linux et les Logiciels Libres

Installing the HTC IME keyboard under a non-HTC Androïd phone

My first smartphone was the HTC Legend, and this phone was using the awesome HTC IME keyboard : IMHO the best Androïd keyboard. So I decide to install the HTC IME in my Acer Liquid Metal. I will be using the Androïd SDK and the adb command to install the keyboard

Installing applications to your Androïd phone from your computer using Mandriva

Sometimes it can be useful to be able to install Androïd packages ( apk ) from your computer. This could be useful if you don’t have 3G/wifi access on your phone, or no Google accounts configured. For this, you will have to install the Androïd SDK and use the adb tool. Here is the procedure. […]

Upgrading from Mandriva 2010.1 to Mandriva 2011 TP/Cooker

With the migration of Mandriva from rpm 4.6 to rpm 5.x, upgrading from a previous Mandriva release is not straightforward. So here are some tips to have a smooth upgrade

Pensée du jour : monogamy vs polygamy

I’ve just read a very interesting article concerning monogamy. I did always think that human by nature are not monogamous but religion, society, culture and will power can make a human be monogamous. I do also think that men and women are not feeling the same during a relationship, and that notably men may practice […]

Music tagging made easy with MusicBrainz

Always want to tag your music files easily, automatically and with the maximum reliability ? MusicBrainz is for you. This article will introduce MusicBrainz service and provide a short tutorial for the MusicBrainz Picard application, a cross-platform allowing to tag, rename, retrieve album covert art in 1 click !

Some Mandriva 2010 Spring Reviews

Here are some Mandriva 2010 Spring reviews I found on the web thanks to : Mandriva 2010 Spring with GNOME : Mandriva 2010 Spring with KDE : Ars Technica revizw Mandriva 2010 Spring : Mandriva 2010 Spring review for newbies :

Support du blog en plusieurs langues

J’ai installé le plugin WPML qui permet de supporter plusieurs langues différentes pour mon blog. On peut passer d’une langue à l’autre via le widget qui se trouve en haut à droite du site, ou via les liens qui se trouvent tout en bas des pages. Par défaut les billets techniques ou relatifs à Linux […]

Multilingual support in my blog

Since some days, i installed the WPML plugin which allow to have multilingual support for WordPress. You can switch from one language to another one from the widget on the left side, or the links at the bottom of the pages. By default the site will be displayed in english. It will contains most of […]

Je suis une fille qui ne se connait pas !

Aujourd’hui lors de mon rendez-vous avec ma psychothérapeute, j’ai eu droit a une grande révélation : j’ai un comportement de fille et je suis une fille qui ne se connait pas

Importing a SVN repository from one server to another one

As now I’m using Netbeans, I had issues with key based authentication for CVS project in Netbeans. That’s why I decide to import my CVS project to SVN. At some point, as the SVN repository was on my own personal computer, I decide to move it to a public server I had, but only allow […]

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