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Fixing computer freeze when using Intel chipset with dual view

Today I was willing to configure 2 laptop running Mandriva 2010 to do presentations during a meeting. So I was willing to use clone output. Unfortunately, doing so will result in an instant system freeze. Even worst, if the projector is plugged before powering on the laptop, the kernel will crash at boot ! Both laptop were using Intel chipsets ( Dell Latitude E6500, Asus A6VA ). The only solution is to disable KMS support. For this you need to generate an initrd without the i915 module ( use –builtin=i915 ), and then to eventually add in modprobe.conf : options i915 modeset=0. Once done, reboot the computer. Whereas you will not have KMS support, at least you will have dual ouput in clone mode support with no fear on freezing the kernel …

When Intel communicate about its geek side

I’ve just found these last Intel commercials. They are very funny, and have a very … geek-like sense of humor. Here they are. For me, the last one is the best : very geek !


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