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The point on some Mandriva community projects

There are many communities based Mandriva derivatives, but few of them are known. So here is a ( not comprehensive ) list of some Mandriva based derivatives or projects :

  • One 64 community : 64bits edition of the Mandriva One LiveCD. A KDE edition and GNOME one are available for download.
  • LXDE LiveCD : The german community is releasing a Mandriva based LXDE LiveCD. It can be used also from an USB
  • One XFCE 2010 Live : XFCELive is a XFCE Mandriva-based LiveCD created and maintained by the Mandriva community
  • Skiper’s Xfce 2010 : A fork of the XFCELive Mandriva project. This fork aims at integrating more testing features and
    offering extra customizations with the idea of improving the visual appearance of the environment.
  • MUD Netbook-Edition : a Mandriva based Netbook tailored edition. This edition from the Mandriba german community, based on
    the Mandriva One GNOME edition, features the Ubuntu Netbook UI. This edition can be used as a LiveCD or dumped on an USB key.
  • MUD (MandrivaUser.De) : As you can see, the Mandriva german community ( MUD ) is providing many projects based on the
    Mandriva distribution. They are also providing backported packages for older releases. To add their repositories, you can use SmartUrpmi.
  • Mandriva Community Moblin : A Mandriva-based Moblin edition aiming at improving Moblin integration in Mandriva. Some non-official sources are saying that a futur official Moblin LiveCD may be released by Mandriva. As usual, everything is secret in Mandriva offices : so we will see. Please consult the Changelog to know the pending issues or fixed bugs and enhancements.
  • MIB (Mandriva Italian Backports) : This project from the Mandriva  community provided backported packages for new and older Mandriva releases. Some packages, not even available in Mandriva official repositories, are also available. They do provide some repositories for those willing to install their RPMS.
  • MIB Live KDE 2010.0 : The MIB community is also providing a 64bits version of the Mandriva One KDE : it’s a LiveDVD with packages from Mandriva, PLF and MIB.
  • Mandrivausers Romanian Backports : Another project from the Mandriva romanian community which provide backports and packages for older Mandriva releases.

As you can see there’s many communities project around Mandriva products. Don’t hesitate to test them, review them, and speak about them. It would have been interesting to have a page listing all of theses projects on the Mandriva wiki. A community section or category would have been interesting and useful 🙂

KDE 4.3 final entering in Cooker

Yesterday, KDE 4.3 final packages begin to appear on Cooker mirrors. KDE4.3 will provide many bugfixes and new features. On top of that, some kde*-experimental are available :they contains some additions to the kde packages.


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