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My ideas for Mandriva 2010.0

1 week ago, I submitted to my proposals/ideas for Mandriva 2010.0. In order to let people comment on them, I will post the list of my submissions. I was planning to add more, but unfortunately, I’m presently in holidays ( at La Baule ), and so don’t have time to do this :-). So here are my proposals :

I tried to be as exhaustive as possible, but many ideas are missing, but I’d rather wait for another release. From firsts comments and rumor, 2010.0 will be an exciting release 🙂

Nepomuk power explained

As some may already know, Nepomuk-KDE aims to provide metadata and semantic desktop support to KDE. This project, sponsored by the European Community, is lead by Mandriva concerning the Linux, and especially the KDE implementation.

Whereas Nepomuk allow to do some very powerful things, and notably draw relationships between different objects ( people, URL, files, … ), most people are not able to realized yet its power, and see it as just another desktop search implementation ( Beagle, Tracker, Google Desktop Search, … ).

Sebastian Trüg, the author and maintainer of K3b, the famous CD/DVD burning application for KDE, is also employed by Mandriva to work on Nepomuk-KDE. On his latest blog, Sebastian explain how you can use Nepomuk to display files metadata, and more importantly how to create some relationships like : file X have been download from site W, or send by People P by instant messaging. As you can see this open some great possibilities when Nepomuk support will be add in applications like Akonady, Kopete and Kjob.

So please consult latest Sebastian blog post about Nepomuk-KDE, it’s a must read : More metadata and a new year’s resolution.

For further informations about Nepomuk, don’t hesitate to consult the following pages :
Magnum article about Nepomuk ( in french )
Nepomuk project


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