Ressources documentaires pour Mandriva Linux et les Logiciels Libres

Seen at Orange Portails, Mougins #car #lotus #forsale

Seen at Orange Portails, Mougins #car #lotus #forsale This was posted on Google+…

PostgreSQL tips : quickly add a surrogate key column

Suppose that you want to add a surrogate key to a table in PostgreSQL to help you quickly identify each rows in a unique way. You can do this easily and quickly by just adding a SERIAL type column. When adding a SERIAL type column to an already filled table, PostgreSQL will automatically fill the […]

Sightseeing in Nice

Sightseeing in Nice This was posted on Google+…

votez pour Babason !!! :)

votez pour Babason !!! Nuits du sud : votez pour votre talent ! Quel est votre groupe préféré ? This was posted on Google+…

so true :)

so true | Les chats Les chats – Partagez échangez et retrouvez chaques jours les meilleures images, images droles sur This was posted on Google+…

Et si on harmonisait calendrier politique européen ?

Attention, cet article ne concerne en rien Linux ou les Logiciels Libres !!! Il est assez intéressant d’observer le ballet politique en cette période électorale en France, notamment concernant la politique européenne. Le nouveau traité de stabilité étant relativement contesté, les candidats de l’opposition redoublent de propositions et se proposent d’amender voire d’annuler ce que […]

Using Dokan under Windows to mount your $HOME with SSH

At work we are using Windows workstations, but we are working most of the time in our Virtual Machine, hosted in a Cloud, running under Linux. We have access to our Linux VM with NXClient or by using Putty. If you want to transfer some files from your Windows workstations to your Linux VM, several […]

First days at Orange

Since Monday July 4th, I’m working as a Linux sysadmin at Orange Hebex. I moved from Rouen to Sophia-Antipolis which is located in the south-west of France in the famous French Riviera. My job as a Linux sysadmin will be to ensure that the Linux servers at Orange are working fine Orange is the largest […]

Ghost from the past : MSEC GUI mockup

I know that I tend to procrastinate a lot, but this time… I take nearly 1 year ! Last year I decide to draw a mockup of a new possible UI for msec. Why ? Actual MSEC issues Presently I do think that msec have several issues. IMHO most of theses issues are due to […]

I’m a man, I’m Linux, I’m a Linux man : Happy 20th birthday !

Indeed, since April 7th, Linux Foundation start the celebrations of the 20th birthday of Linux ! As a happy Linux user and contributor since more than 13 years, I do wish a truly happy birthday to Linux i.e to all of the Linux developers/testers/ packagers/promoters/users : WE are Linux. Happy birthday to us ! Links […]

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